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Katniss Everdeen For A Day @ Gandiva Archery Range & Cafe

I’ve seen a a lot of friends in my Facebook and Instagram timeline trying out Archery. It seems like a lot of fun but the thought of giving it a shot really crossed my mind until I got an invitation from Gandiva to try out their new Archery range in Ortigas. The first person I bugged […]

Kathryn Bernardo for Oishi Smart C+ | My 10-minute Sunset Painting

Oishi welcomed their newest endorser, local teen icon, Kathryn Bernardo, in a refreshing event to promote the brands ready to drink product, Oishi Smart C+. But before anything, we were asked to pin down our favorite local destination on this map. I sensed  it had something to do with a raffle but didn’t expect to […]

How to create WOW BROWS

Starting today, you can buy this WOW BROWS eyebrow kit from Majolica Majorca for only P899. You get to save up to P216 and get a tweezer for free. This basic kit contains a tweezer, brow customize sword holder, the brow customize pencil (refill) and a brow colorist gel in your preferred shade. Since I […]

KYO: Authentic Japanese Bakery

Val and I were invited to check out KYO, the newly opened authentic Japanese bakery at the Fort. The place is owned and operated by the Kimuras, a Japanese diplomat family who has been living in Manila for many years now. They were very hospitable and gave us a taste of their best food and […]

New Year, New Promises.

Happy New Year, everyone! My indefinite blogging hiatus is finally over. I was supposed to take a break until the end of the month because I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately. I’ve got BIG, BIG plans for 2013! How about you?   Before it’s too late, I’d like to immortalize my new […]

OOTD: Leather Weather

Since the ber-months started, I’ve always felt cold even in the afternoon. So when I saw this super cute peplum top, I knew I could wear it outdoors without complaining about the heat. I wore this last week when I had 4 events to attend in just one day. Good thing all events were held […]

SM Kids x PAWS Shirt

Today’s challenge: How to make a t-shirt look sexy. Hihi :) SM Kids x Paws sent me the wrong size but it’s okay, I knew I could pull it off by folding the big sleeves and pairing it with a short skirt and heels. If you’re an animal lover, especially dogs, support them by buying […]

On the set of ‘A Secret Affair’ (w/ Derek Ramsay!!!) <3

When I found out that my all-time crush Derek Ramsay was shooting at my all-time favorite restaurant (and 2nd home), I rushed to Torch restaurant the moment I arrived from Hong Kong just to get a decent photo with him. Teehee. He’s such a nice guy!! (And has a niiiiiiice body too. lollll) I can’t wait to […]

My 1st Rockeoke Experience w/ Greenwich Pizza

A week before I left for Hong Kong, Val, Crissey and I were invited to Greenwich’s Rockeoke. We were all encouraged to wear costumes of our favorite music icon. Everyone knows that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (sometimes I’m even more excited for it than Christmas) so I came up with the easiest […]

Cavewoman No More | 10,400 Followers!!! <3

Thank you so much for making me reach almost 10,400 followers on my Facebook Page,Makeup By Marj Sia. <3 It started out as a for-fun portfolio page only when I exported my albums from multiply so I never expected it would become THIS BIG. I think my page became dormant for a while with 3,000 […]

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